"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." --Leonardo da Vinci

Hi there! Welcome to Claire Renee | Beauty-- created and curated by me! I am so excited to start sharing my simple beauty advice and ideas on the interwebs. You will notice that I find great importance in simplicity and the sophistication it brings to any beauty look. Don't get me wrong, I love a good smokey eye, or high-fashion glam look but as a strong advocate of the "less is more" principle, I have found that the less steps one has to take to achieve a beauty look, the more flawless the outcome. Basically I really just try to stay in the Queen Bey, "I woke up like this" mindset.

Aside from being a lover of all things beautiful and simple, I really love my friends. I know that sounds like the most obvious statement ever, but I truly feel like my best friends are my soul mates. While they are all beautiful inside and out, there is actually nothing simple about them; which is why they continue to inspire me every single day. I can't wait to feature some of them on here (when they let me) and showcase their super cute faces.

Thank you for reading!

With excitement,



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